I Am The Dream Shaman
and offer services for
Healing, Relaxation & Awareness


Certified in:
*Reiki Master
*Realm Reader
*Archangel Life Coach
*Spiritual Healer
*Relaxation Therapist
*Wellness Massage


Besides Certificates, what really matters is Self-Experience! Connected to many dimensions and realms, such as the Angels, Fairies, Dragons, Elves, Arcturians and Sirian Dolphins.


I Am also a Self-Made Musician and Create my own 432 Hz Healing Music


I Am a Numerology Nerd, 33 Life Path


I Am in Divine Union with my Twin Flame


My favourite tool to create my reality through subconscious re-programming are the Sound Activations, that my Arcturian Spirit Guide gifted me with and it is my greatest pleasure to channel and create your personalized Sound Activations as well!





My Story:


I was just a Dreamer.


Not from this world, and not in this world. Daydreaming in my own fantasy.


School time was terrible.


Teachers would hate me for turning them into a clown, with my parrot mouth.


Bullies making me angry, calling me a nerd, a weak boy, and I took all their punches until I exploded in my anger, throwing chairs around the classroom.


Psychologists couldn’t make much sense of me.


A doctor diagnosed me with ADD. Attention Deficit Disorder.


Because I didn’t take attention to boring things I had to learn, that I already knew?


So, I was on drugs and being a better student.


But why adapt to the rules anyway?


I stopped, as I said: I don’t want to be on medication.




A decade later, I discovered that Meditation is my medication.


My Life was shifting when I went to a Spiritual Healer for the first time in 2015.


I started my Journey to my Inner Self, and discovered how to Heal Myself Holistically, in Harmony with Body, Mind, and Soul.


No longer was I dreaming my life, now I am living my dreams.


Making conscious choices, I am aware that I am creating my own reality.


Now, I know


How to Relax Deeply


How to Release the Past


How to Face and Overcome Subconscious Blocks


How to Build Up Healthy Daily Habits, to Grow Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally, and Mentally




Every Day I Am Excited to see Miracles that Fill My Heart with Joy and Love



When You take the Journey Inside, You Discover and Know that You are never alone, and that You Are Always Loved.


I Want You to Find and Feel that Divine Unconditional Love Within. Aloha.