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Dreams have different meanings:

  • Make your dreams come true!
    • Dreams as a metaphor for our wishes & goals
    • Let go of old burden
    • Overcome your fears & blocks
    • Be brave and follow the path of your heart
    • Dive deep into your creator consciousness and make your dreams come true
  • Daydreaming
    • Time for yourself, discover your inner garden and cherish it
    • Let go and relax
    • Perceive what is without judging
    • Recharge your energy in body, mind and spirit
    • Arrive in the here and now
  • Dreaming in your sleep
    • Clear sleep disorder and energetic disharmony in your house
    • Fall asleep easily and grateful
    • Train your dream memory
    • Intuitive dream interpretation
    • Lucid dreaming (conscious dreaming) for insight, self-healing, and intensive training of skills (e.g. singing, Kung Fu, rhetoric, confidence, compassion...) while sleeping


A special guide for the path of your heart is

Your Soul Song


For this song I connect with your soul energetically to receive healing messages for your here and now, and I let them flow through my voice and the piano. I record my music in the tuning of A=432Hz to make it a vehicle for Divine Harmony.

In mutual agreement I can also use this way to receive and pass on healing messages from your spirit guides or from another soul (e.g. a deceased loved one) - If you are familiar with the topic of Twin Flames, then the Twin Flame Song may be interesting for you.

When the song is finished, I send it to you as an MP3-file.


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